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Quick & Accurate Home Renovation Quotes!

At Third Gen Builders Ltd. we have extensive home renovation experience that gives us the ability to produce accurate, detailed quotes related to your home renovation budget & timeline as well as the connections within the home renovation industry to effectively secure project specific quotes from specialized trades and services. It's during this phase that we will discuss wall colours, renovation product selections, specific renovation design elements, answer any questions you may have and also discuss any site preparation requirements that may need to be addressed prior to starting your home renovation.

Home Renovation Due Diligence

At Third Gen Builders Ltd. we take the due diligence process very seriously prior to and throughout completion of all home renovation projects. We ensure all of our home renovation trade professionals have the proper education and training and are fully capable of completing their tasks on time and on budget. Throughout every home renovation we follow all building code regulations including ensuring any permits required are in place and scheduling any specialized trades or inspections required to complete your home renovation.

Home Renovation Costs - How much will my renovation cost?

Home renovation costs can vary greatly and at Third Gen Builders Ltd. we take into account many factors in determining the final cost of a home renovation such as the surface area of ​​the proposed renovation, the age and location of the property being renovated, the complexity of the renovation project, and the renovation materials used. All home renovations are quoted individually on a project by project basis. Check out some of our most popular renovation packages below or contact us to schedule a free quote.

Third Gen Builders Ltd. Basement Development Packages, Calgary Spring & Summer 2020

How much will it cost to renovate my basement? Complete Calgary basement renovations and new developments start at $25,000 with an average completion time of 4 - 6 weeks and include:

  • ​Basement design
  • All renovation materials and home renovation trades
  • All electrical plumbing and HVAC installations
  • Quality finishings and fixtures throughout
  • Stairwell & living space
  • One bedroom with closet
  • Full 4 piece bathroom
  • Third Gen Builders Ltd. warranty

Third Gen Builders Ltd. Bathroom Renovation Packages, Calgary Spring & Summer 2020

How much will it cost to renovate my bathroom? Complete Calgary bathroom renovations and new developments start at $7,000 with an average completion time of 1-3 weeks and include:

  • Full 4 piece bathroom
  • All renovation materials and home renovation trades
  • All electrical plumbing and HVAC installations
  • Vanity, countertops, backsplash, sink, faucets and fixtures
  • One piece tub and shower installation
  • New flooring, baseboards and trim
  • Quality finishings and fixtures
  • Third Gen Builders Ltd. warranty

​Third Gen Builders Ltd. Kitchen Renovation Packages, Calgary Spring & Summer 2020

How much will it cost to renovate my kitchen? Complete Calgary kitchen renovations and new developments start at $15,000, with an average completion time of 2-3 weeks and include:

  • Kitchen design
  • Kitchen cabinet removal and demolition
  • New kitchen cabinets & all required hardware including soft close doors and drawers
  • Countertops, backsplash, sink and faucet
  • Range hood
  • Baseboards & trim
  • Third Gen Builders Ltd. warranty

Home Renovation Financing

We are currently expanding our client services and exploring the best home renovation financing options we can offer our clients. Please check back at a later date for updates regarding home renovation financing by Third Gen Builders Ltd.

Third Gen Builders Ltd. Home Renovation Contracts

All of our home renovation contracts clearly define project details, project start and completion dates, all payment information and the warranty provided. Throughout a home renovation it is not uncommon for changes to occur, if this happens we will update the home renovation contract to include these changes so it remains an accurate reflection of the initial agreement.

Third Gen Builders Ltd. Home Renovation Guarantee

At Third Gen Builders Ltd. we stand behind our service and protect all of our home renovation clients by providing:

  • Free estimates
  • In house design
  • Unbiased home renovation advice
  • Dedicated personal project managers
  • Full transparency & communication from quote to completion
  • Same day follow ups on all inquiries
  • Full building code regulation compliance
  • Full safety code regulation compliance
  • 2 Million liability insurance & WCB coverage
  • Prepaid contractor license
  • 1 year warranty on all of our workmanship
  • 30 day deficiency guarantee
  • Fixed price contract guarantee
  • Built on time guarantee
  • Prompt professional service from experienced, dedicated home renovation professionals with systems in place to ensure efficiency and quality control from design to completion!
Read our full Third Gen Builders Ltd. guarantee details here

Home Renovation Worksite Safety

At Third Gen Builders Ltd. we are fully committed to ensuring the health and safety of all employees and clients. We have a strict policy to ensure safety is never overlooked and all home renovation trades are required to take the time to complete a daily worksite hazard assessment and identify, investigate and report any hazardous conditions or unsafe acts to management immediately. All of our employees are trained to follow all safety regulations implemented by Third Gen Builders Ltd. and all rules and regulations consistent with workplace safety and the occupational health and safety act.

Living Through a Home Renovation

Living through a home renovation doesn't have to be stressful. We at Third Gen Builders Ltd. do whatever is necessary to complete your home renovation with as little disruption to your personal life as possible. We operate within reasonable hours and always work with our home renovation clients to ensure that we abide by any specific requests regarding our building procedures and hours of operation on-site.

Third Gen Builders Ltd. Home Renovation Design

When it comes to designing your space Third Gen Builders Ltd. offers a professional in house design team, 3D floor plan development, architectural drawings, colour coordination consultations and professional insight into the latest home design and development trends for 2020. ​

Home Renovation Site Preparation

There may be elements that require attention prior to any home renovation scheduling and we will discuss any renovation site preparation requirements with you during the initial quote, such as furniture or items that may need to be moved or relocated, walls, floors or any other items that may need to be covered or protected, or any sealing procedures that we may have to undertake and so on. In the case of large, extensive home renovations we commonly recommend renting a storage container to protect all your items and ensure we move forward in the most efficient manner possible.

Third Gen Builders Ltd. Home Renovation Daily Scheduling

Hours on site vary based on multiple factors such as availability of specialized contractors, renovation material delivery schedules and so on, however as a general rule our home renovation professionals and all employees respect your personal space and unless otherwise requested by the homeowner or discussed with the homeowner in advance start their day no earlier than 7:30 am. There may be times throughout your home renovation where trades professionals and employees are required to work late to complete specific tasks, during these times we will discuss the appropriate course of action with the homeowner and ensure we stay within a reasonable timeframe that minimizes disruption of your personal life.

Renovation Material Delivery & Storage

We may require renovation material deliveries at specific stages throughout your home renovation. When delivering renovation materials we always inspect to ensure we received the right materials, the proper quantities, that your renovation materials are delivered and stored in the safest possible location without damage to the renovation materials or the homeowners property.

Home Renovation Permits, Inspections & Building Regulations

Third Gen Builders Ltd. operate in full compliance with all bylaws, safety & building code regulations, including all permit and inspection regulations.

Home Renovation Demolition

Prior to any home renovation demolition we will complete a thorough site evaluation and locate any areas that require immediate attention such as: Removing any items within the space that may be impacted by demolition Covering and protecting flooring, walls and furniture within the space Sealing off any demolition areas from the rest of the property Covering any air ducts and cold air returns Disconnecting any necessary electrical, plumbing or HVAC outlets in the space Installing any protective barriers and signage that may be required for additional site safety Removal of any items that can be reused, resold or donated.

Renovation Junk Removal

Home renovations produce considerable waste, from demolition to packaging it all adds up. For larger projects we may recommend hiring a junk removal service or rent a construction site dumpster. We determine junk removal requirements on a project by project basis.

Third Gen Builders Ltd. Renovation Construction Process

Throughout your home renovation you will communicate and coordinate one on one with Third Gen Builders Ltd. CEO and lead project manager Quinn Rempel. Having the owner operate as your lead project manager guarantees you open lines of communication and full transparency in every aspect of your home renovation. Throughout your renovation Quinn supervises all activities onsite to ensure proper safety protocols are followed and that all the work completed is of the highest quality and meets or exceeds all building code regulations. Only home renovation professionals and renovation material suppliers specifically cleared by Third Gen builders Ltd. will be allowed onsite. Milestone walk throughs will be completed at various stages throughout your renovation. We will rigorously inspect every aspect of your home renovation at every milestone. Any deficiencies discovered after the final walkthrough will be resolved within 30 days of possession. We also offer same day follow ups to all inquiries so you will always stay informed on the progress of your home renovation.

Necessary Upgrades That May Be Required When Renovating Your Home

When undertaking any kind of home renovation home owners should be aware that we may locate hidden elements that require additional work or upgrades due to code and safety regulations such as outdated wiring or plumbing components or damaged and weakened structural elements. If we discover any areas that require additional attention we will stop the renovation project immediately and thoroughly consult with the home owners and any necessary specialized trades or inspectors to establish a clear path forward.

Specialized Contractors

Throughout your home renovation we may be required to hire specialized contractors to complete specific aspects of your project such as certified plumbers, electricians or HVAC technicians. Third Gen Builders Ltd. only works with experienced contractors and dedicated trade specialists. All of our partners are fully licensed and insured professionals to ensure your home renovation is always completed in full compliance with building code regulations and to the highest standards of quality.

Energy Efficiency

Renovating your home is a great time to start considering high efficiency options. The City of Calgary offers energy savings information that you can use to guide yourself through the process of energy efficiency upgrades and Third Gen Builders Ltd. can offer you the best home renovation professionals to complete all your upgrades and installations. You may even consider completing a home energy audit that will tell you how energy efficient your home currently is. An energy efficient home is more comfortable to live in, minimizes annual operating costs and is more environmentally friendly. A certified inspector can perform an energy assessment and offer you personalized solutions to maximizing your home's energy efficiency and Third Gen Builders Ltd. can help you complete the process.

Home Renovation Completion

Upon completion of your home renovation we will schedule a professional cleaning of your newly renovated space, including your furnace and duct work if required. We will complete a final walk with you and review your newly renovated space in detail to ensure you are not only satisfied with the final product but also understand that we have taken extra care to ensure a level of quality that will allow you to enjoy your newly renovated home for years to come.

Building Legal Secondary Suites in Calgary 2020

You may be considering building a legal secondary suite or converting an existing illegal suite into a legal suite. It's a great way to earn additional income, offset living expenses and increase the resale value of your home. Very specific building codes and regulations surround developing a legal secondary suite and at Third Gen Builders Ltd. we understand the process and have the knowledge and experience required when undertaking this type of renovation. For more information on how you can convert your space into a legal secondary suite in Calgary visit The City of Calgary’s secondary suite home improvement resources and then give us a call here at Third Gen builders Ltd. and we can walk you through the process step by step.

Third Gen Builders Ltd. Deck Development Packages, Calgary Spring & Summer 2020

How much will it cost to build a new deck? Calgary deck renovations and new developments start at $5,000 with an average completion time of less than one week and include:

  • All materials & labour
  • Quality finishings
  • Third Gen Builders Ltd. warranty

Third Gen Builders Ltd. Home Additions, Calgary Spring & Summer 2020

How much will a home addition cost? When undertaking a home addition there are many factors that have to be taken into consideration. If you are considering adding square footage to your home contact us and we will schedule a free consultation where we will meet with you, view the property, review your proposed home addition and provide you with a detailed, accurate quote.

From quote to completion our experienced home renovation team at third Gen Builders Ltd. is available to help bring your vision to life. With our dedicated customer service and top quality craftsmanship we have been assisting Calgary area homeowners for three generations specializing in home renovations, home additions, kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, basement renovations, basement developments, decks and patios. 



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